Hercke Cabinet Configuration Tool

Hercke Cabinet Configuration Tool

Welcome to the Pro-Garage easy Step by Step Hercke Cabinet Configuration Tool. Where you can choose from one of our pre-designed cabinet configurations or design your own.

Step 1 - Click here to choose from one of our pre-designed cabinet configurations.


Step 2 - Click here to create you own configuration from scratch.


Step 3 - Once you have determined your configuration, click on the [PRINT] button on the upper right corner. Then click on the [Summary] tab at the top of the page and click on [PRINT] again.


Step 4 - You now have a print out of your cabinet configuration and a Summary that includes the descrition of the component and corresponding "Retail" pricing. Click here to go to Pro-Garages' Hercke products page to choose you acual cabinet and finish. This page will also calculate your Special Pro-Garages Promo Pricing